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Enterprises of all sizes will periodically need to upgrade their network or move to new technology. Our consultants can help you formulate the best solution for your network.

Redblade has many services to offer ranging from standard System Migrations to our Hosted Desktop Solution. Our engineers are aware that it is imperative to make this process run smoothly with minimum disruption to your business. We can either take full control of all aspects of the Project Management or we can run the project with the assistance and input of your staff. To simplify the process Redblade has long standing relationships with distributors that will help make the procurement process run smoothly.
We understand that key to successful project management is defining and understanding clear goals and objectives.  With an abundance of technical account managers and 3rd/4th Line engineers Redblade specialises in working with organisations to not just deliver a project on-time, but deliver the correct project on-time.

Working with Redblade?

A draft Project Initiation Document (PID) is developed with the client, Account Manager and Lead Engineer to specify in detail every action, constraint and procedure to be implemented as part of the project.  Some, or all of these procedures are then allocated and defined as the deliverables for Redblade.
A project timescale and scope document is provided for approval detailing exact timings of each deliverable listed in the PID. These exacting standards of delivery ensure that irrespective of the project size or timescale, it will be delivered smoothly and without incident.

For further details on how Redblade can assist with your future projects please contact us for a free consultation

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