Proactive Support

With Redblade’s IT Support service you’re safe in the knowledge that any immediate and current issues that could impact on your IT environment are being watched and acted upon.

By adding Redblade’s Proactive Service you’ll benefit from the regular support of a dedicated and experienced high level engineer who will routinely analyse your systems and work with you, where necessary, to create and implement a roadmap for the maintenance or development of your network, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises waiting around the corner.
Redblade’s Proactive support allows you to get the most from your IT investment, maximising system uptime by managing update and upgrade schedules, rolling out service packs, checking hardware and undertaking essential housekeeping on your network using our multi point network check.
It’s also reassuring to know that you’ll benefit from regular site visits from your very own ‘outsourced’ IT manager – a familiar  face who understands your business and your system – who will help you to manage your IT assets and can also offer advice / guidance on planning, strategy, policy and training requirements.
  • Local service: It is critical you have an IT support partner who lives and breathes business in your region; an IT partner with whom you can build a trusting relationship.
  • ChoiceIT support service partners who only promote one brand will always try and shoe-horn their product into your business. The ideal IT partner will ensure you get the products and services which best suit your needs.
  • Experience: Every business is different, so your IT support partner needs to understand your sector and how an IT support strategy can help boost business performance for businesses like yours. It also helps if your IT partner has done similar jobs, so they have experience to share.
  • Professionals: Gone are the times when IT was a black art and you have to accept what you are given. Professional project management, plain English and clear service expectations are now available to you from the right IT support partner.
  • One number to call: You only have one IT system, so it makes sense to have a single IT support service partner who can handle every aspect of service and support. That way, you don’t have different IT partners blaming each other for faults in the system.

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